All the seedlings with the Flashy Trout lettuce making the first showing.
The first sprouts from the Yellow Pear seeds. Only one has sprouted by April 12th.
All of the seedlings just before transplanting on April 21st.
Deep watering all the transplants by soaking them in water on April 21st. The potting soil was a bit dry and this is the best way to remoisturize dry potting soil.
The best Yellow Pear sprout just after transplanting on April 21st.
This is the final home for the tomato seedlings. From left to right: Abe Lincoln, Big Rainbow, Yellow Pear and Flashy Trout lettuce in front.
'Yellow Pear' tomatoes are a yellow variety of cherry tomatoes. Known to be an overachiever, it is common to produce hundreds of small 1-2 inch yellow pear shaped fruit. Another indeterminate plant, vine management can be a challenge.

These were started the same as the Abe Lincoln, and Big Rainbow tomato plants in a burpee seed starting kit on April 6th, and all three seedlings showing by the 11th.

By the 21st, all three of the yellow pear seeds had sprouts, with only two showing secondary leaves. The best looking sprout was moved to a temporary container for hardening off.

On the 23, the plant was moved from it's temporary container to the planter with the other tomato plants and the other sprout moved to a temprorary container for hardening off and possible future planting.

The planter will be a little crowded with three other indeterminate tomato plants and lettuce plants. There are 3 Flashy Trout lettuce plants, an Abe Lincoln tomato, and a Big Rainbow tomato plant all in the same planter. Active vine management will be necessary to keep all three tomato plants happy.