First sprouts from this mix. Hard to see
near the upper right leaf.
A few more healthy sprouts spotted on April 21st. We'll have to wait a while long to find out what these are.
A wild flower mix from pennington. This mix contains Crimson Clover, Annual Baby's Breath, Sulphur 'Bright Lights' Cosmos, Four-o 'Clock, Cornflower Polka Dot, Dwarf Blue Coneflower, Cosmos Sensation, Pheasant's eye, Annual Candytuft, Landspur Rocket, Dawarf Godetia, Red Corn poppy, Alaska 'Shasta' Daisy, Sweet William Pinks, Iceland Poppy, Johnny Jump-Up, Helen mount, Coreopsis, Dwarf Red Plains, California Poppy. Some typos may have be made as the bag is really hard to read now and the website doesn't have a lot of information.