First time getting measured! April 10th, 2016
A lot more room after moving to a new pot with a closeup of the store label
A 'Grafted' Cactus, 'Hibotan' also known as a moon cactus, is a colorful mutation that does not produce chlorophyll and must be grafted on to a base cactus that will provide the chlorophyll for both plants. Grafting is a process where the bottom of the Hibotan, and the top of the base cactus are removed and the cut ends are set together and allowed to heal. Grafted cactus do not live as long as a typical cactus because only part of the cactus is producing chlorophyll the combination will eventually grow so large that not enough chlorophyll can be produced to sustain the plant. The life can be extended by regrafting on to a larger base cactus.

The Hibotan produces 'pups', or little off shoots that can be pulled off and replanted much like taking a cutting of other plants. These offshoots do not always contain the mutation that causes the lack of chlorophyll. The lack of chlorophyll is what causes the bright colors. Chlorophyll is green, so a lack will allow other colors to show through.