Crazy Love Dahlia after several weeks of growing. The Sprouts appeared a few weeks ago. To the right is a tulip dying off after blooming. May 24.
Powder Puff dahlia after a few weeks of growing. These sprouts are less than two weeks old. May 24.
Stargazer Lilly that has been showing for less than two weeks. May 24.

These are all the flowers I've planted. Some of them may eventually get their own page. This is mostly for the numerous flowers planted in various locations.

Marigold Happy Days Mix and the Zahara Zinnia Mix were both planted the same time as the peas. They are sharing planter space in the same box as the peas.

The Crazy Love Dahlia was planted quite some time ago, well before the last frost, but well after the last hard freeze. This is ok because dahlia's are a tuber style perennial with a large variety of plants. Being a tuber, they are more susceptible to rot than bulb type perennials. Watering them before the sprouts are strong often leads to rot, and is not required since most climates get enough moisture. After the sprouts are well above the ground dahlias love water! It can be hard to provide enough water to a growing dahlia by hand. This year we have two types of dahlias growing, the Crazy Love, and the Powder Puff. We tried growing Akita last year but most likely overwatered them. As of May 24th, we have one very healthy Crazy Love, and two Powder Puff sprouts. Time to water!

The Stargazer Lilly was planted the same time as the Crazy Love Dahlia. I had not intended to keep track of when things were planted at that time. Lillies are a bulb type perennial with a large variety that bloom at different times of the year. The packaging for the Stargazer had planting instructions for March to June. While bulb plants are less susceptable to rot, it can happen. Out of the three planted, only one made it. Two others were in a large pot that was left out in the cold rain we had. The pot was never able to dry and the bulbs sat in cold wet soil for several weeks.