All the seedlings with the Flashy Trout lettuce making the first showing.
I added some coconut fiber to top off the starting cell on April 12th in hopes of reducing the leggy sprouts.
This is the final home for the tomato seedlings. From left to right: Abe Lincoln, Big Rainbow, Yellow Pear and Flashy Trout lettuce in front.
Finally growing now that the cold weather is past! May 24.
'Flashy Trout Lettuce' is called many names but whether is Flashy Trout's Back, Speckled Trout Back, or Forellenschluss it's all the same. This is a variety of lettuce that does well in both the heat and the cold and produces leaves that are speckled like the back of a trout. Aside from the speckled leaves, this variety is known for it's bright flavor. A romaine type lettuce, Flashy Trout lacks the crisp rib that most romaines have. Like other romaine varieties, this one grows upwards as well.

Seedlings for Flashy Trout were started on April 6th, and all 3 were showing by the 9th. The seedlings were getting a little leggy so I transplanted them on the 18th and started hardening them off. All 3 were transplanted to the planter on the 23rd with the Abe Lincoln, Big Rainbow, and Yellow Pear tomatos.

Lettuce goes well with well kept tomatoes with the tomatos providing some heat relief as the growing season nears the summer.