First day home in it's new terra-cotta pot. May, 22nd.
Size comparision with the Aloe Vera plant. May, 22nd.
Kalanchoe Tomentosa, native to Madigascar, is better known as the Chocolate Soldier, or Panda Plant because of the fuzzy leaves with reddish-brown edges. The leaves are covered in a soft fine hair that helps retains water by preventing air from moving across the leaves. Care should be taken to not water the leaves because the fur slows evaporation and easily rots when wet. Older plants that are carefully pruned can be placed in a hainging pot as the plant will take on a bush like form with branches growing below pot level. Like anything soft and furry, this plant can benefit from a soft brushing when dirty. A very decorative plant that does well indoors, and even prefers a mixture of direct sunlight, indirect, and shade. Prefering a moderate temperature range of 60 to 75 f, it should also be protected from intense heat.
This plant was an impulse buy as I was looking for plastic trays for the new terra-cotta pots I bought for the rest of my succulent collection, and saw this furry little plant right next to the tray display.