First seedling showing on April 24th. These seeds came from our indoor LED lit plant.
'California Poppy' is the California state plant and as such, it is illegal to pick a California Poppy if it is on state property. It is said California Poppies are easy to grow, and they are known for yellow to gold flowers. The flowers open in the day, and close at night, cold windy weather, or on cloudy days. The plant grows anywhere from 5 to 60 inches with the typical plant reaching about 24 inches tall.

I planted these sometime before the winter in an experimental indoor growing station. The plants have been under LED lighting their entire life, and are now nearing the end of their second blooming cycle. Known to be easy to grow, I have not had much luck except in indoor conditions.

I let the flowers go to seed, and planted 6 of the seeds around April 12th. As of the 24th, only 3 have sprouted. California Poppies don't like to be transplanted so again, this is an experiment to try and get these plants to finally grow out doors. Being prolific seeders with each seed pod containing a large amount of seeds, it can be an invasive species in climates similar to it's native habitat but no ill effects have been observed. A self-seeding, drought-tolerant plant, it has been introduced to several regions with similar Mediterranean climates and has been naturalized in Australia.

The self-seeding, drought-tolerant aspects make this a great low water plant for gardens. The plant dies off in cold weather, but the seeds can make it seem like a perennial. I'm hoping these aspects will naturally grow well and produce a small oasis of California Poppies.