I planted a few seeds on April 12th, but the soil was too cold and they never germinated.
Planted a few butternut squash seeds in a smaller container on April 21st so I could bring it inside where the temperature would allow the seed to germinate.
'Butternut Squash' is a winter type squash that produces large, yellow fruits with thick rinds. Although it's a winter type squash, the plants are very susceptible to frost and the seeds will not germinate in cold soil.

I planted 4 seeds on April 12th which turned out to be too soon. The soil never warmed enough for the seeds to germinate, and a snow storm didn't help any. I replanted 4 more seeds in a smaller container. The container is placed out side when sunny, and brought in until the seeds germinate.

I am still waiting for the seeds to germinate.

The best seedling will eventually be transplanted into a 14 inch container. Squash of any kind has trouble in containers, but as long as the pant gets enough water, and plenty of fertilizer it should produce well until the first frost.