All the seedlings with the lettuce making the first showing.
The first sprouts from the Big Rainbow seeds. All three are showing, the left two barely peeking out on April 12th.
All of the seedlings just before transplanting on April 21st.
The best Big Rainbow seedling just after transplanting on April 21st.
Deep watering all the transplants by soaking them in water on April 21st. The potting soil was a bit dry and this is the best way to remoisturize dry potting soil.
This is the final home for the tomato seedlings. From left to right: Abe Lincoln, Big Rainbow, Yellow Pear and Flashy Trout lettuce in front.
'Big Rainbow' tomatoes are a colorful heirloom tomato that comes from Minnesota. These plants are indeterminate and will have many main stems. Pruning the suckers (shoots between main stem and branches) will improve production and strength of the plant. The fruit is typically mottled orange and red but other colors are often seen.

As with the Abe Lincoln, these were planted ina burpee seed starting kit on April 6th with seedlings showing on April 11th.

By the 21st, the Big Rainbow only had two sprouts out of three seeds but were by far the healthiest two sprouts of the tomatoes. The strongest sprout was moved to a temporary container for hardening off.

On the 23, the final move for the sprout was made into the planter. The other seedling was moved into a temporary container for hardening off and possible planting later.

It will be a little crowded in the planter with 3 other indeterminate plants but active pruning and vine management will help. In the planter will be 3 Flashy Trout lettuce plants, a Abe Lincoln tomato plant and a Yellow Pear tomato plant.