All the seedlings with the lettuce making the first showing
Still bent, but finally lifting out of the soil! April 21st.
All of the seedlings just before transplanting on April 21st.
The best Abe Lincoln seedling just after transplanting on April 21st.
Deep watering all the transplants by soaking them in water. The potting soil was a bit dry and this is the best way to remoisturize dry potting soil on April 21st.
This is the final home for the tomato seedlings. From left to right: Abe Lincoln, Big Rainbow, Yellow Pear and Flashy Trout lettuce in front.
Recovering nicely after weeks of bad weather. May 25.

'Abraham Lincoln' tomatoes are said to be large, meaty and flavorful. These heirloom tomatoes are known to consistently produce huge crops of extra large, meaty tomatoes.

These were planted in a burpee seed starting kit on April 6th and the seedlings first showed on April 11th.

By the 21st, they were showing their secondary leaves and were moved to larger pots the same day.

On the 23 they made their last move to an outside planter box. The extras moved to larger pots today as well. Hopefully they don't get too large for these temporary pots as they are planned to be planted later.

The planter box will have 3 flashy trout lettuce plants, a Yellow Pear tomato plant and a Big Rainbow tomato plant.

A few days after transplanting, a night time hail storm rolled through. Then several weeks of cold weather. After all the harsh weather, things are finally picking up. I hope to see some rapid growth now that it's reaching 70f on a daily basis.